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Boulařka Sudová lost Superfinal. MS without medal

Acrobatic skier Nikola Sudová is qualified for the Superfinal Moguls World Cup in Kreischberg and finished without a medal. In the final race today made a mistake bridges between six and up that will fight for the podium, not fit.

“I’m just not a girl here soccer.

The way it converted available, Jurgen Klopp produce the right choice before attracting the Armenian playmaker. Mkhitaryan ended up being revealed right away, yet today Thomas Tuchel, perhaps, totally satisfied with this particular exchange. In the start of the season

He chose to head over to Philippines at a fresh

He / she chose to head to Philippines at the young era, turn down in which to stay the rent inside “Illichivets” – the actual plantation club “Shakhtar”, which gone away plenty of talent that isn’t inside composition of the

6 players with the Premier League productively jumped to the Bundesliga

In opposition to Dolgopolov legal box what regards 4 contents 111 in the criminal code associated with European Federation “talk resulting in associated with deep cause harm to for you to fitness, entailed on imprudence fall with the victim”. Intended

Hanju world record for the fifth quadruple jump longer had the energy

HELSINKI. Men’s figure skating at the threshold of a new era.Festival quadruple jumps, what a history remembers. While such headlines resonate after Saturday’s free rides men’s world championships in Helsinki have brought breathtaking theater. Twenty-four finalists be demonstrating altogether 36