Boulařka Sudová lost Superfinal. MS without medal

Acrobatic skier Nikola Sudová is qualified for the Superfinal Moguls World Cup in Kreischberg and finished without a medal. In the final race today made a mistake bridges between six and up that will fight for the podium, not fit. He finished sixteenth.

The title won the Canadian Olympic champion Justine Dufourová-Lapointeová before the American defending champion Hannah Kearneyovou.Male champion was surprisingly became Anthony Benna of France, who have never won a World Cup race before defending the primacy and silver Olympic medalist Mikael Kingsburym z Kanady.

From qualification Barrel ceded the sixth, which would Superfinal enough. In the final race but he went a little slower than in qualifying and especially had to correct the error between the bridges. She went gently into the caster, tripped on a point and a moment lost the rhythm. Although soon leveled, but got lower marks for the ride.Ranked yet again a solid jumps – a helicopter with stride and somersault with a cross.

“I’m mad at you, I’ll make a mistake here,” she told reporters, but she was laughing. Barrel is a champion because of technical driving, manages and jumps, speed is just her weakness. Therefore, such an error surprised even her.

“It was such a blow out of the blue, I suddenly had a wry tip, I do not know how it happened.Jumps good speed good, but in one lump suddenly I had a wry tip, “commented his hesitation.

Howler perhaps stemmed from the fact that the track is mild and easy and Barrel be underestimated.” She got tough, a little it accelerated, it was deeper, but I rode well. And suddenly a problem, even though I had a feeling I was going okay, “looking for a possible cause.

It probably consisted of the caster.” He’s Radek (coach of talc), of which perhaps stemmed. The tip of the caster start to swim faster, it probably was the reason, “she said.

Together Cask ’em got 73.41 points and 16th place in the eighth participation in the World Championship’s third worst result.Worse ended only twice during the premiere among the elite 14 years ago in Whistler, then finished in the top ten each including silver in 2005 and bronze from 2009.